Folks, we’ve been waiting for this feature release

Microsoft just announced Power BI’s integration with SharePoint Online.  If you’re like us, SharePoint is central to your work.

At Blue Margin, we embed Power BI dashboards on the homepage of our SharePoint site, and it drives our daily conversations and focus.  Keeping our progress-against-goals front-and-center gets everyone thinking like an owner.  

For us, the integration has always been worth the set up required.  But now, the new web part means we can publish dashboards directly to our SharePoint pages - no coding required.  Our engineers have been spontaneously breaking into river-dance all day. 

Power BI is on a roll with their feature releases this month, and we're excited.  Read more about how this integration works and then see how it can inspire your executives and employees.  If you want us to show you our dashboards (we’re all about transparency) just give us a shout.  We’re happy to share our secret sauce.

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Jon Thompson

Written by Jon Thompson

Jon Thompson is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Blue Margin Inc. An author and speaker, Jon sheds light on how businesses can take advantage of a revolution in business intelligence to become data-driven and accelerate their success.