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Blue Margin Gives Back

If You Knew You Could Actually Make a Difference ...

What would you do?

It started in 2016

When brothers Jon and Brick Thompson started talking about the legacy of their business.

What was the end result?

Blue Margin Community Works was born. 

Through this corporate-sponsored, employee-run program, every Blue Margin team member can take advantage of Paid Volunteer Leave (PVL) each month. That allows our people to go into the community and make a difference—without having to worry about missing work or trying to squeeze volunteering into an already-packed schedule.

Every week, new volunteer opportunities from all over the city are highlighted for team members to choose from, with invitations to join in anything that interests them. 

Our team has cheerfully donated hundreds of hours to help local nonprofit organizations thrive—making a difference in our Fort Collins community. 

matt at book trust

We Volunteer at Some Really Cool Places

BMI Careers
hh1-Matthews-House hh1-Habitat-for-Humanity hh1-CASA hh1-BookTrust hh1-Respite-Care hh1-Comunity-Kitchen hh1-Food-Bank-LC

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Read on to see the ways we reach our communities. 

5 min read

The Nappie Project – Helping Little Behinds Get a Little Ahead

“The diaper repack is a great way to support our community. In just a few short hours our group was able to repack...

3 min read

Quality Fun: Integrating Our Company’s Newest Value

Having good, quality fun with teammates gives a much needed, post-pandemic boost!

Masks off for this one.

I am...

4 min read

Adapting Community Service Amid a Global Pandemic

Finding places to give back to the community is easier than ever – if you know where to look.

Nothing changes plans...

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Want to Start Your Own Community Works Program?

If you'd like to implement a volunteer effort at your company, we're happy to help. Click below to send us a note. We'll set up a call or start an email chain where you can ask questions and discover the nuts and bolts of how this program works in Fort Collins, Colorado. When you launch a Community Works program in your hometown, you'll be helping spread positive impact nationwide.


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