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Data visibility allows you to focus on strategy and execution. Replace spreadsheets and legacy reporting with Power BI dashboards that put growth plans into action.

Blue Margin is a trusted BI advisor and Microsoft Gold Partner dedicated to accelerating your value creation plan with Power BI and Azure.


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Identify obstacles and opportunities for growth in the next 90 days.

Assess budget, timing, and ROI.

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A 60 min call targets users, metrics, decisions, and actions to improve outcomes.

Quick-turnaround scope & proposal.



Rapid Delivery (~3 wks)


Connect to source systems, and structure data for reporting.

Deploy reporting that increases focus and accountability to performance metrics.


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We wrote the book on it.

Mobilizing your data will transform your company.

Written by our founders, The Dashboard Effect details how data analytics and targeted reporting are the most effective way to accelerate growth and increase employee motivation and retention. 

Download an e-book or audio copy now. 

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For all of us in the management team, we truly believe Blue Margin has been instrumental not only to the success of this project, but to the success of Almo.

Scott Landsberg | Director of FP&A, Almo



Trace3 Case Study





OKR Scorecards Accelerate Value Creation

Trace3 deployed an OKR dashboard in less than a month to align the management team on progress against highest priorities. 

“You can’t measure that which lacks a consistent framework. You need process, definition, data sources and visualization... Having partners like Blue Margin has been extremely helpful.”  

Tania DiCostanzo, VP of IT, Strategic Initiatives and Data Analytics 

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Increased Operating Margins and Dramatically Reduced Employee Turnover

CoolSys streamlined their highly complex operations with Power BI dashboards that provided clear oversight and put field service efficiency in the hands of their technicians. 

“Our data insight is the cornerstone to our growth, helping us increase operating margins 4-5% and reduce turnover by 52%.”

Michelle Nares, Director of Operations

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CoolSys Case Study-2



Elgin Case Study-1




Elgin Fasteners

Total Visibility into Backlog, Sales Projections, On-Time Delivery, and Inventory

Elgin established single-screen visibility into operational efficiency, increasing production an estimated 10% and creating shared ownership across the team. 

"I really like the way Blue Margin methodically approached the project. You always focused on how your work would meet our business needs."

Jim Pastor, VP of Information Systems

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