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Managed Data Service

We'll be your fractional data management and analytics team. 



No data team? No problem.


Get the insights you need without having to spin up an entire data department. Partner with Blue Margin as your fractional data management and analytics team for less than the cost of an FTE, and we'll have your data up and running in less than 2 weeks.

Our team of experts set up and maintain data platforms, while our subscription Managed Data Service enables a range of data-driven functions including AI, ML, modeling, reporting, analytics, third-party access, data monetization, and customer-facing reporting. 

Through a strategic data management solution, we turn your data into one of your most valuable assets.


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A Complete Data Management Solution 

From the back-end data architecture to the front-end dashboards and BI reports, our Managed Data Service helps you advance your data strategy. Through weekly sync-ups with our fractional team to quarterly executive strategy sessions, we fill any capacity or data skill set gaps you may have. 

Azure Data Platform & Cloud Data Management

Data Engineering

Data Visualization for Managed Data Services

Data Visualization

Data Management Solution - Strategy, Support, Knowledge Transfer

Strategy and Support


Data Engineering: Azure Data Platform and Cloud Data Management

Say goodbye to disorganized data. Our team will set up, host, and ensure your data lakehouse is always well-organized and fine-tuned.

We consistently monitor your data lake and pipelines for performance issues, so we can catch and fix data flow issues before they impact your reports.

As your company grows, data sources change, and so will your pipeline needs. We adapt quickly when you need to change or incorporate new sources to ensure you have what you need to run your business.

Azure Data Platform & Cloud Data Management solution from Blue Margin

Data Visualization: Power BI Reports & Data Models

We'll ensure your data lakehouse semantic layer (data model) is maintained with your business logic to keep your BI reports refreshed and functioning smoothly. 

Our data modeling provides your team a drag-and-drop experience within Power BI, streamlining report development for your internal users. 

In addition to designing and implementing your data models, we offer Power BI, DAX, and data model support for report developers and business users. We assist with bringing flat files into data models, managing new workspaces and apps, and sharing reports.

Power BI Reports and Data Modeling

Strategy and Support: Training, Support, and Knowledge Transfer

Starting Day 1, you get access to a Client Success Team that consists of a Client Success Manager, Data Analytics Consultant, and Data Engineer. We hold weekly meetings to ensure we're prioritizing the right work. 

Monthly, one of our executives will meet with you for a strategy advisory session to help you with high-level planning. 

Blue Margin doesn't just manage your data - we help your team understand it better. If you have internal analysts, we will train them to find and extract what they need. We also maintain your documentation and data catalog to ensure continuity and consistency. 

Managed Data Services: Training, Support, Knowledge Transfer by Blue Margin


Managed Data Service is a Middle Market-Sized Approach to Data Management


   Brick and Caleb explain why leveraging a fractional data team offers a right-sized approach for mid-market companies.

With Blue Margin's help, we can walk on the bridge and the gauges are turning on and coming to life.  All of these efforts help us navigate operations, finance, logistics, dispatch, service, billing, collections, and tens of thousands of service calls per year. 
Michelle Nares
Director of Operations, CoolSys (

Why Blue Margin?


Private Equity and Middle Market expertise. We have deep expertise helping private equity-backed, mid-market companies execute their data management and analytic strategies. 

Clients love working with us. An NPS score of 89 speaks for itself. (Check out our Testimonials and Case Studies.)

We're credentialed. We carry Microsoft's Gold Partner distinction in 

Blue Margin's Managed Data Service provides a holistic data management solution that integrates leading-edge technology, tailored strategies, and an expert fractional analytics team. We're committed to managing your data and transforming it into a tool that drives decision-making, optimizes operations, and aligns your team around the growth plan.



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