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Led by co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Jon Thompson, our team of BI experts provides corporate data training and presentations for companies in the manufacturing, commercial services, distribution, SaaS, healthcare, finance, and legal industries.

In addition to educating teams about current technologies and business theories, Blue Margin speaking events outline the tactical steps any company can take to establish data intelligence and monetize data assets.

As with our consulting services, presentations are customized to the needs of an audience. 


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Jon Thompson

Jon Thompson - Professional

Jon Thompson, author of The Dashboard Effect, is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Blue Margin, Inc. He and his brother, Brick Thompson, have founded several companies, including Vercuity, a data analytics firm that grew to over 500 employees and was backed by One Equity Partners.  

Blue Margin, founded in 2011, has helped over 265 private equity and industrial firms efficiently convert data into automated dashboards, the short path to increasing growth and profitability. Clients include Waterpik, OtterBox, and Boa Technology. Over three decades, Jon has found that “most business problems come down to poor visibility," an epidemic that can be overcome through a few practical steps and an awareness of the pitfalls that trip up most companies.


Topics Include:

  • How data intelligence is an add-back investment and valuation enhancer at exit
  • How data visibility differentiates your company and shortens the sales process at exit
  • How BI accelerates your value creation plan
  • How data visibility aligns the board, PE firm, execs and employees
  • The Game of Work: using visibility to power healthy culture (which increases employee retention and performance)
  • How four common pitfalls keep companies from leveraging their data for growth and profitability (and how to avoid them)
  • How data lakes quickly integrate acquisitions and lay the foundation for future AI and ML tools
  • Show and Tell with Dashboard Case Studies: data visibility's transformative impact in manufacturing, distribution, commercial services, private healthcare, finance, SaaS and/or legal industries)
  • Business Intelligence for Manufacturing/ Commercial Services/ Industrials/ Distribution/ Private Healthcare/ SaaS/ Finance/ Legal 
  • Scaling Up – How KPIs and job scorecards establish expectations and drive growth
  • Data's history and impact in private equity
  • How starting with your "why" (not your metrics) yields better business intelligence initiative outcomes
  • How to avoid technical debt (and why it matters)

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Past Speaking Engagements:

  • Audax Group – Operator's Council
  • AEA Investors – CIO Symposium
  • Industrial Growth Partners – CEO Symposium
  • Microsoft Identity Team – Data Strategy Workshop
  • Virtual CFO (VCFO) – Data and the Office of the CFO 
  • Constant Contact – Data Strategy Workshop
  • Information Technology Alliance – Annual conference
  • Wisconsin Institute of CPAs – Continuing Professional Education
  • North Carolina Association of CPAs – Continuing Professional Education
  • Texas Society of CPAs – Continuing Professional Education
  • Utah Association of CPAs – Continuing Professional Education
  • Colorado State University Business School – Graduate Program Guest Lecturer
  • AMCA International – North America Regional Conference 


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