About Blue Margin

Founded in 2011, Blue Margin believes that value creation depends on data visibility—understanding what's working, what's not, and why.

Using the Microsoft data stack (Fabric, Azure Data Lake, and Power BI), Blue Margin delivers The Dashboard Effect™ - the name of our book and podcast - where performance metrics remain top-of-mind, empowering everyone from the CEO down to make the right decisions and focus on the right priorities, in real time. 

Methodology is Our Differentiator 

There's a big difference between simply deploying dashboards vs. becoming a data-driven company. Because we understand the pitfalls of introducing new systems, Blue Margin has developed a proven process and toolset that ensures your dashboards get adopted and have the intended impact on outcomes. Our Consulting, Project Management, and Engineering teams follow a single Roadmap centered around your value-creation strategy. We do the heavy lifting while keeping you in command with Data HQ™—a single control center for your entire data ecosystem.


We deliver:

  1. Expert Consultation
  2. Data HQ™—a Control Center for your Data Ecosystem
  3. Project Management
  4. Data Modernization
  5. Report Development
  6. Training/Solution Support
  7. Industry-Ready Solutions
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Our Services

Integrated data sources and BI dashboards are the fastest, most effective way to put value creation plans into action. Poor visibility is at the root of most (if not all) business issues. Our process increases visibility to give executives oversight and control, and to align the organization on highest-value priorities. Here's how:


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Midmarket and Private Equity Solutions

Blue Margin's proprietary Industry HQs get the right numbers in front of the right people to support exceptions-based decisions and actions.

We have over a decade's experience across middle market industries, including: 

Private Equity
Commercial Services

Located in Fort Collins, CO

We don't outsource. Our Fort Collins office is home to a team of data experts. We both advise on and execute data projects. Meet our team here.

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We can help you scale your business and increase profitability.
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