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Anne Eisenach

Head of Client Success

Anne Eisenach


Anne Eisenach has 8 years of experience in Project Management, with her Project Management (PMP) Certification and Change Management Certification. She has been at Blue Margin for 5 years and is incredibly passionate about supporting our clients' success in their data journey.  Not only will she help you do that, but she will make it fun along the way.

Fun facts about Anne: She was born & raised in Omaha and continues to be an avid Husker fan (even though it's hard), and regularly gets back to Husker football games. Her son, Bo, is the highlight of her and her husband's life, along with their two Samoyeds. She likes cooking, fishing, Formula 1, ATV’ing, fantasy football, spending time on the lake (they got a boat last summer and frequent both Colorado & Nebraska lakes). Can’t forget darts, and she was also the champ of our Blue Margin mini golf tournament last summer! She is our resident provider of good shows to stream.


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