Blue Margin clients reveal what they really think about us

Mid-Atlantic Dental - 75 px-h

"We're really happy with Blue Margin. You are at the top of the list of vendors we've worked with. We're going to keep growing and you'll be on that team."

Mitch Goldman, CEO


Education Dev Center

"What's unique about your team as opposed to other vendors, is that you give us a sense you are actually part of our organization and you help to solve problems in the context of our business."

Bob Spielvogel, CIO



CoolSys - 75 px-h

"Blue Margin is helping CoolSys operationalize the metrics-based rigor and accountability that had been lagging organizationally."

Amy Freeman, COO



Inviragen - 75px-h

"I can recommend Blue Margin’s services without reservation to any company wanting to increase productivity and visibility into their organization."

Diane McCoy, Director of Business Operations

FDH Fastener Dist

"You have delighted us beyond our expectations. After reviewing the dashboards Blue Margin developed, I realized this might be the most important thing I've been involved with in the last 5 years in this company."

Bill Glass, President



Boa Tech

"Blue Margin really helped us get a great data model that we can build on for future reporting.  The previous experience they had with other customers allowed us to see some reports that made a lot of sense, so we added them to our scope."

Lonnie Thomsen, Director of Operations



Envirovac - 75px

"The Blue Margin team has been great to work with. Our data is very complex, but we now have clear visibility into critical areas such as Order-to-Cash and A/R."

Katy Tounge, PM



"It's amazing how much these dashboards are being used. It's like we invented fire!"

Dan Prestegaard, CIO




Elgin Fastener

"Blue Margin, thank you for all the work you have accomplished this year for Elgin. Our Power BI reports have taken hold, and as we mature in our business, they’re enabling us to monitor and improve our efficiency and growth. Your team does exceptional work!"

Jim Pastor, VP



Nexus Brands
We’re very excited by what we’re seeing.

Tim Barcz, VP eCommerce & IT



Nalco - 75px-h

"Blue Margin’s understanding of database architecture and their business-centric approach to analytics has been invaluable.  They have an uncanny ability to center on the metrics that are most important to us and to present them in an intuitive way."

Nate Warburton, Sr. Product Manager

AppRiver - 75px-h

"Currently, AppRiver has the best real-time dashboards of any company I have ever worked with, and Blue Margin was a great partner to help us with that work."

Kevin Hatch, CFO



Accent Food -75px

"THANK YOU for having a terrific team."

Paul Yeager, Director of IT



Safebuilt- 75px-h

"With Blue Margin and Power BI, SAFEbuilt aggregates company-wide data faster than before."

Mike McCurdie, CEO




"I have found Blue Margin to be of high integrity and one of the most committed companies I have had the pleasure to work with. Their projects have had a positive impact on our productivity as an organization and we look forward to a continued relationship moving forward."

John Schroth, Director of Technology


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