Blue Margin Values


Our Core Values Drive Our Business

These values are our foundation. They're the reason we can't wait to come to work each morning—and why we love this company and our clients.




Honesty is simply the right thing to do. When truthfulness is non-negotiable, decisions becomes much simpler. Transparency builds the respect and trust needed to make us a healthy team.



Our business is what we make of it; choosing optimism helps us thrive, even in adversity. Looking for the good in situations makes life and work more enjoyable. “Faking it” for the sake of being positive isn’t healthy.



Quality is at the core of our process and the guiding principle for every deliverable we produce.



Perfection is not the goal, making steady progress is; don’t let perfectionism get in the way. Simply "working hard" does not equal value. Productivity is energizing; “slogging through” is not.

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Learning is synonymous with growing; making it a habit keeps us alive (literally) and inspired. Our industry is moving fast—if we stop experimenting and creating, we’ll become obsolete. Learning increases a person’s security and marketability, and keeps our business strong.



Generosity is a universally good principle. Like honesty, generosity reduces many difficult choices down to one. When in doubt, aim to give more.

And we also like to have fun!

Blue Margin Team!

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