Why is Blue Margin headquartered in Fort Collins instead of Denver (since one of our partners lives in the Denver area, and we have a number of key clients there)?  It's not because we don't love our capital city.  We do.  It's because Fort Collins is a hotbed for technology and fun.  There's a reason we've topped Fortune Magazine's best places to live more than once.  From our mountain back drop, to our growing tech start-up community, to CSU (a thriving university scene), our exploding brewery and health culture, and our leading social and environmental conscience, Fort Collins is hard to beat.

So, in our bog posts, you'll see little snippets here and there about things we enjoy in our hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. To try and give a you a taste of what we at Blue Margin enjoy doing outside of work, we decided to add a Fort Collins- or Colorado-based theme to each of our topical blogs. For example, at the end of several posts in our blog, you'll see a recommendation for a different beer from a local Fort Collins micro-brewery.

Beer, Bikes, Bands, and B...outdoor Adventures

Beer, Bikes, Bands, and Outdoor Adventures pretty much sum up what our city is about. (Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to make "Outdoor Activities" start with a B. If you can, feel free to comment below!)



download_12.jpgBeer is not the only thing that we like here in Fort Collins, but it is probably what we are best known for. In the Fort Collins area alone, more than a dozen micro-breweries craft highly-rated creative, seasonal, and sometimes bizarre beers. New Belgium Brewing Company, the maker of no-longer-micro brew Fat Tire, is the third largest micro-brewery in the nation. There's always something new to try from these small-scale beer artisans, and new breweries continue to pop up monthly it seems. And with the most fast-casual restaurants per capita in the nation offering upscale fare and quick service, you will always have some great food to pair that local brew with.


download_14.jpgSometimes paired with our most famous hobby (see above), bikes are Fort Collins
 other favorite passion. We love mountain biking, road biking, and even cruising the miles of bike paths on less traditional forms of human-powered vehicles (left and right). At last count, I'm not sure if we have more micro-breweries or bike shops- I counted 17 bike shops listed on Yelp.com. We even have a Bike Library, where you can borrow a bike for free and return it whenever you're done with it.


B...outdoor Adventures

rafting.jpgWhenever you visit Fort Collins, no matter in what season that happens to be, there are always outdoor adventures
 there for the taking. You can go skiing or snowshoeing in the winter, boating or cliff jumping at Horsetooth Resevoir or tubing down the Poudre River in the summertime, mountain biking or hiking in the fall and spring, and, if you dare, climbing up one of the 52 14,000-ft. mountains in Colorado. I could keep going - kayaking, horseback riding, ultimate Frisbee in any of the parks, or... Ok, I'll stop. You get the picture. There's always something fun and exciting to do in the sun or snow in Fort Collins.

Well there you have it - what we're all about here in Fort Collins, Colorado: Beer, Bikes, Bands, and Outdoor Adventures. We think it's a pretty awesome place to live and work, so if you're in the area, come check it out! And now that you've seen what we at Blue Margin are probably up to in our free time, if you want to see what we do from 8 to 5, take a look at our website: Bluemargin.com.

Source: The Tour de Fat, a bike tour/festival sponsored by Fort Collins brewery New Belgium, is a perfect example of the unique Fort Collins vibe.

Jon Thompson

Written by Jon Thompson

Jon Thompson is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Blue Margin Inc. An author and speaker, Jon sheds light on how businesses can take advantage of a revolution in business intelligence to become data-driven and accelerate their success.