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We understand what it's like wondering what's happening in your business.  It leads to frustration, wasted effort, lost sleep, and lost dollars. 
We'll work with you to create the visibility you need, so you can stay focused on what you do best. 
Blue Margin is a top-tier Microsoft data analytics consultancy specializing in rapid reporting that meets your most urgent needs. 
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Elgin Fasteners


Visibility everywhere

Discover how we deployed reports that provided total visibility through a single screen on Backlog Sales Projections, On-Time Delivery, and Inventory.

"I really like the way Blue Margin methodically approached the project. You always focused on how your work would meet our business needs."

Jim Pastor, VP of Information Systems


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manufacturing equipment

Smart Care Equipment Solutions


Small improvement, major impact

Learn how we helped Smart Care Equipment Solutions improve technician utilization. 


“It took our utilization up from 68% to 72% inside of a year without system re-engineering, just by creating visibility and awareness.”

Christopher Buschmann, CIO 

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commercial kitchen



Stronger margins, less turnover

See how our reporting helped a complex operation improve their service call times and employee productivity.  


“Our data insight is the cornerstone to our growth, helping us increase operating margins 4-5% and reduce turnover by 52%.”

Michelle Nares, Director of Operations


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HVAC technician

For all of us in the management team, we truly believe Blue Margin has been instrumental not only to the success of this project, but to the success of Almo.

Scott Landsberg | Director of FP&A, Almo





We wrote the book on it.

Mobilizing your data will transform your company.

Written by our founders, this book details how business intelligence and effective reporting can be powerful tools for growth and profitability while also supporting a culture of accountability, transparency, and job ownership.

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