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Jon Thompson

Jon Thompson is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Blue Margin Inc. An author and speaker, Jon sheds light on how businesses can take advantage of a revolution in business intelligence to become data-driven and accelerate their success.
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Private Equity Has Achieved Formula One Status, But Their Car Sucks.

Private equity is the undisputed Formula One of business models. It’s a high-octane race in...

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How a Modern Data Platform Supports Buy-and-Build in Private Equity

Understanding PE Buy-and-Build Success Factors

Reliable buy-and-build strategies that...

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Distribution Turns to Data to Increase Margins and Recover Rebates

"The sky is the limit once you see what your data can do for your system." - Director of...

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How to Become a Data-Driven Organization

"Right now, the biggest challenge for organizations working on their data strategy might...

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Who is Your Data Mobilizer?

“I’m looking for a company’s ‘data mobilizer’...that individual with buy-in from the top,...

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Successful Dashboards: How Wireframing Saves Time and Delivers Results

With BI reporting, you will greatly reduce project time and increase impact by spending more...

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Using BI to Adapt to Market Forces, Improve Utilization, and Increase Profitability

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The transformative effect of their...

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When to Use an External BI Consultant

While some companies choose to manage their data strategy and BI projects internally, many...

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2 Essential Ingredients of Successful Data Projects

On The Dashboard Effect podcast, Brick Thompson, Blue Margin CEO, and Caleb Ochs, VP of...