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Work-Life Harmony

By Katie Johnson on Sep 22, 2023 11:36:27 AM

There's a common misconception that work and "life" should remain separate and are something to be balanced.

At Blue Margin, we don’t think work and life should be in conflict. Why? Because life permeates every moment, whether we're at our desks or at home. If we're spending a significant chunk of our waking hours working, shouldn't we make those hours as fulfilling, fun, and relationship-rich as possible?

Our Culture: More Than Just Business

At Blue Margin our workplace culture is a testament to this. We don't think relationships and fun should be confined to the evenings and weekends. They should be an integral part of our work environment. This philosophy has led us to evolve from our early, playful Nerf war days to more structured, and equally fun, employee-inspired competitions.

March Madness, Golf Tournaments, and Duathlons

Take, for instance, our back-of-the-door basketball tournament. Played under "PIG" regulations, this competition was cleverly timed with March Madness. The result? An atmosphere of vicarious intensity and camaraderie in the office, making every shot (and every miss) a collective experience.

Greg Brown, AKA The Flamethrower, shooting his shot early in the March Madness Tournament he would go on to win.

Building on this momentum, one of our data architects, David Corrigall, saw another opportunity to strengthen our bonds, challenge ourselves, and most importantly, have a great time together. He organized a month-long putting competition that brought out the athlete in everyone. The action on the green was only half the fun. The other half? Updates after each showdown. Here is an excerpt from a message from “The Commissioner” himself. (We believe he has a future in sports commentary.)

“Well folks; Ali vs Frazier, Bird vs Magic, and now Josh Wrye vs Greg Brown. Clash of two titans here at Blue Margin. Some may recall that Greg beat Josh in the Elite eight of March Madness. This time, the tables have turned, and Josh Wrye has come out as the underdog story of the tournament thus far. Greg had a chance to become the first ever two-sport champion in Blue Margin history, but the golf gods would not let it be this year. Showing extreme patience on the green, Josh limited his mistakes and shot a birdie on the viz hole to advance to the elite eight.”

Golf Tournament finalists, Jon Wrye and Anne Eisenach, pose with Commissioner, David Corrigall.

Our team fun also extends to pre-dawn bike rides and trail runs. We biked in the wee hours just to catch a sunrise on the trail, and our team enjoyed the challenge- smiling the whole way.

Here we are, in the midst of 8 miles of biking and 4 miles of trail running - all before the day’s first meeting.

The perfect way to start a Friday.

Culture goes beyond having a team lunch once a week and hosting friendly competitions. It starts with hiring the right people who care equally about delivering quality work and being a great teammate. The ones who want to enjoy life - both in and outside of the office.

How Covid Reminds of the Value of Family

The past few years have been a whirlwind for all of us. The shifts triggered by Covid have seen us move from office to home and back again for some. As companies navigate the future of their workplace – whether that be in-office, remote or hybrid -- company culture is the make or break for a success, and we’d love to see the word “ultimatum” leave the conversation.

While the pandemic has posed many questions about where we should work, it has conclusively reminded us of one thing: the value of family.

We don't use the term "family" lightly. It's a sentiment -- a feeling of belonging. And yes, I unabashedly refer to our team as a family. Because that's precisely what it feels like to me.

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of work, let’s remember to cherish the laughs, challenges, and triumphs we share. Because at the end of the day, it's not just about where we work, but who we work with.

Katie Johnson

Written by Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson is Blue Margin’s marketing manager. With a degree in human development, Katie is a student of the connection between data insights and the people who use them. She has a gift for making complex ideas accessible and brings her aptitude for process design to every conversation.