“We believe that a child with a disability is a child first and that his or her challenges are secondary.”

Respite Care’s philosophy statement


Grounded in their philosophy, since 1982 Respite Care has served children with developmental disabilities through creating an interactive, stimulating, and safe environment that addresses the physical, emotional, social, and mental needs of each individual child. 


In 2022 alone, enabled by 2,780 volunteer hours, Respite Care served 112 children and provided 40,259 hours of childcare.


The specialized care they provide in a “home away from home” environment gives families peace of mind and a place for children to thrive.


Above and beyond peace of mind, Respite Care gives families and children the gift of time. Children are given time to engage with their peers in an exciting way, while families are given time to work, learn, run errands, or even take a break.


Lend Them a Hand!

There are many ways to volunteer with Respite Care including supplementing the staff ratios to provide one-on-one attention to the children in their care, helping with day camps, or even weeding in their garden.  


One of the ways Blue Margin likes to help out is by making centerpieces for their annual Fundraising Luncheon. This year, we made 100 beehive centerpieces over 3 days. Hot glue guns, rope, and miniature bee figurines paired perfectly with music and lively conversation around our conference table. It was such a fun project to tackle together!   


Here’s what our team had to say about it:


“Volunteering shouldn't be called ‘giving back’. Instead, it should be nicknamed ‘vision correcting’. Without fail, volunteering pulls me out of my myopic haze, from whatever minuscule problem stole my focus that day. It corrects my vision, reminding me that there is more to life than my own story.”– Suzanne Rains, Blue Margin Strategic Partnerships Manager


“We got to “Bee Generous” last month. Hopefully the Respite Gala was a blooming success.  I enjoy being part of a big-hearted hive.” – Angela Tourney, Blue Margin Director of Finance & Employee Experience




How You Can Get Involved 

To find ways to get involved, check out their website, https://respitecareinc.org/, or send them an email at info@respitecareinc.org.


Amanda Mann

Written by Amanda Mann

Amanda Mann is office administrator at Blue Margin Inc., and manager of the Community Works initiative at BMI as well.