Ahhh, dorm life!  In August, you don't have enough stuff to make it feel home-y. By May, you've accumulated more stuff than can possibly fit into your hand-me-down sedan.

Nearly 10 years ago, Colorado State University (GO RAMS!) set up a program called the “Leave It Behind Event." CSU partners with local non-profits to collect, sort, and redistribute items that students leave behind when moving out of their dorms. 


They leave clothing, household items, furniture, bikes, you name it. And they leave A LOT of it!!  This year alone, 20,000 pounds (i.e., 10 moving trucks) of good, usable items that can benefit those in need.

The Blue Margin volunteer crew showed up in our best moving attire to help collect and sort items. It was great visiting with students, partnering with other organizations, and working up a sweat. We looked back fondly on our own college dorm days – and WOW! - it feels like we're getting old (well, at least for some of us).

We enjoyed taking part in such a fun event. It was gratifying to see literal TONS of great gear ready to be distributed to non-profits across Colorado.

Sara Sanders

Written by Sara Sanders