An evening at Loveland Laser Tag, just for Blue Margin employees and their families? 

Yes please! 

We knew this would be a fun outing. What we didn't realize was it included unlimited arcade games, a dream since childhood (at least for anyone who ever longed to own their own Asteroids or Pac-Man console). The unlimited laser tag, bumper cars and pizza didn't hurt either.


This past Monday night, our colleagues and their families celebrated several months of hard work by taking the edge off in a friendly battle zone. Well, it may not have been THAT friendly. We fought it out to see who could set the highest game score, spun our bumper cars into one another, and creamed our co-workers in ultimate air hockey battles.

Our kids were the ones who really stole the show!  Getting lit-up in laser tag by fifth graders is a great cure for the pitfalls of pride.

We then took to the rafters to test out the rigors of the ropes course.  It was clear we have some budding American Ninjas on the payroll who are just as good at conquering an obstacle course as they are at corralling data.

In the end, it was hard to drag ourselves out of the place, but you can bet a laser tag rematch is already in the works!  The verdict is still out as to whether the kids or adults had more fun, but we all agreed this may have been the best Blue Margin event yet. 

Matt Dunn

Written by Matt Dunn