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A Sneak Peek into Our Culture

By Sara Sanders on May 17, 2020 4:48:53 PM

Blue Margin

At Blue Margin, we are actively creating a culture that defies the typical American employee experience:  the 8-to-5 grind, the micromanaging boss, the soul-sucking annual performance review, the <describe misery here>. 

We’ve worked in those environments. Frankly, we hated it. And we want something different for our team.

Our values are simple: Be Transparent, Be Positive, Be Efficient, Be Generous, and Be Learning.  Nothing fancy or unachievable; just you-should-really-be-doing-these-things-anyway life principles that create the kind of business we can stand behind.

We also recognize we’re all adults here.  Everyone, from the CEOs to the interns, brings a unique genius to the table, whether in leadership, interpersonal skills, positive energy, or good old cerebral horsepower.  If they’re empowered to bring their best, they do.

And because we’re a data analytics company, we measure and recognize performance.  From experience, we know that having an accurate view of key metrics keeps politics and subversion from gaining a foothold.  We all contribute, each pulling our weight, because our effort is reflected in our company scoreboard seen by EVERYONE.  By embracing transparency, we work as a team. As with any sport, our “scoreboard” helps create a gratifying balance of personal achievement and teamwork.

We’re far from perfect, and there are times when tensions run high, but we’ve built a foundation of respect that keeps tensions from festering.  We’re not embellishing to say it’s a delight to work here – especially on random Mondays when our resident expert baker (Amanda) brings in a chocolate cookie cake.

Are you interested in joining our team?  If so, reach out to us.  If we’re the right fit, we’d love to have you join us

Sara Sanders

Written by Sara Sanders