The Blue Margin team headed out again, this time volunteering for the Fort Collins Respite Care.  It might be one of our team’s most favorite volunteer spots because we get to help special needs children.

Our team stayed busy creating Dr. Seuss-themed centerpieces for their 2017 Perennial Luncheon later this month.  Fundraisers like this ensure great things for Respite Care.  Last fall, they used their donations to install an elevator allowing wheelchair-bound kids to access recreational facilities in the basement.Blue Margin Community Works 1.jpg

Kelsy, Respite’s volunteer manager, was grateful for our help, saying, “I want you to know that little crafts like that make a huge difference for our Development Team.  We hope that you all can make it to the Luncheon to see your hard work on display!”

Respite Care does not receive state or federal funding - they are solely supported by our community.  How did it all start?  In 1981, five families with special needs children got together and said, “We need to help each other out.”  Today, they serve over 100 families with special needs children.

Want to hear a great story?  

The employee who oversaw our volunteer project is a recent Colorado State University graduate, and she started volunteering at Respite Care when she was just 8 years old.  She shared how her parents met while volunteering at Respite and how it has always been an integral part of her life.  How's that for warm and fuzzy?

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Angela Tourney

Written by Angela Tourney

Angela Tourney is director of finance and human resources at Blue Margin Inc.