Having good, quality fun with teammates gives a much needed, post-pandemic boost!

Masks off for this one.

I am absolutely thrilled to type the words “post-pandemic.” Our people are back in the office, the beer fridge is stocked, and the buzz of conversations and collaboration is moving through this once-too-quiet-and-empty office.

For all of us, from our clients to our company culture, Blue Margin is committed to quality. Last year, Blue Margin added “Quality” to our existing company values. We knew it was there, underlying all we do, but it was unnamed. We decided to bring it to the forefront of what we care about and to purposefully integrate the value into every department.

Fostering company culture is one of the ways that we’re committed to quality, but with a twist - in this case, quality fun. What does that mean for us post-pandemic? Lots of camaraderie with in-person events (like we used to do!).



As soon as it was safe to do so, we brought back what is arguably one of the best cultivators of company culture: Friday Lunch. What’s better than food, amiright? Friday Lunch started several years ago. We’d have food delivered so the entire team could share a meal together, laugh, learn about our coworkers, talk about the weekend, and take a break from the workday.


Some of the many reasons we love our Friday Lunches!

As Blue Margin grew, so did our Friday Lunches. With a rotating selection of local restaurants (some of our favorites: Bawarchi Biryani, Torchy's Tacos, QDOBA, Snack Attack Sandwiches, Chick-fil-a, Pickle Barrel, Spoons, Pulcinella Pizza and more!), Friday Lunch became a Blue Margin staple for who we are, what sets us apart, and how we appreciate our employees.


Our first post-pandemic Friday Lunch with tacos! 

And we are back at it! We’re in the same room together after a year of remote work, connecting as a work community once again.

Amid our post-pandemic Friday lunches, we thought it would be fun to surprise the team with tacos for lunch on a normal, so-so Tuesday. Our local QDOBA delivered a taco buffet with all the queso, guac, and salsas we could eat. There would still be our regular Friday Lunch, but integrating an atypical lunch gathering creates meaning and opportunities for quality conversation, collaboration, and camaraderie!

We are post-pandemic and we’re making up for lost time!


Less restrictions mean more people around our lunch table! 



April brought more relaxed mask regulations. When the bowling alleys opened and it was safe to do so, we were there. It was so fun to spend some time with our teammates outside of work and also see our employees’ families. The kids have really grown!

Our most recent get-together was at the CB & Potts Patio at the golf course for a happy hour. Getting away from virtual meetings, computer screens, and spending time with our team is pure gold. (Can you tell we REALLY do like our teammates?) These no-pressure gatherings are not only easily organized, but also represent a level of employee appreciation that sends quality messages like: You matter. Your work matters. We appreciate you and your family. Thank you for being a member of our team. You’re fun. I like having a drink with you. You bring joy and meaning to Blue Margin.

bmic-2021-happy-hour at CB & Potts

Together again on a gorgeous evening at the golf course for Happy Hour and the driving range!

With every Friday lunch and company-wide event, I’m reminded over and over again of everything we truly missed during covid. Because of the lost time, each gathering is sweeter and more meaningful than the last one. Now, that’s what I call quality time very well spent.

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Amanda Mann

Written by Amanda Mann

Amanda Mann is office administrator at Blue Margin Inc., and manager of the Community Works initiative at BMI as well.