Over the last several weeks, Blue Margin Community Works volunteers have assisted local non-profits with a variety of projects.  The month started off at Harmony House, a historic farm house donated to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Larimer County in 1991.  The resource serves as a safe space where abused and neglected children can meet with their families for supervised custody exchanges and court-appointed visits.  

Harmony House Volunteer

The family meeting room is currently under renovation and our team painted trim to compliment the newly installed window treatments.  Fresh paint made a 100+ year old building look brand new!  (Later, we received THIS lovely note!)

The following week, Josh, one of our lead Data Engineers, volunteered at the Homeless Gear Children in Need event.  Homeless Gear serves individuals and families who face homelessness.  Quarterly donation drives provide clothing, blankets, and personal hygiene items to those in need.  Families peruse tables to find outerwear, hats, gloves, water bottles, blankets, pillows, and other essentials.  Local agencies also provide health, legal, and other services.

Lastly, our team volunteered at Respite Care, a local non-profit where children with developmental disabilities receive short-term care to provide respite to their families.  To prepare for their Perennial Luncheon, our volunteers created souvenir bookmarks to complement the event theme: “Sharing extraordinary stories about achievements of our families.”  Making bookmarks may sound like a serene activity, but it led to an impromptu battle of the sexes.  Although we’re not Pinterest-professionals, the ladies felt their quality control skills were far superior than their male counterparts (sorry guys).  The ladies did, however, give them props for their fire-wielding-fray-elimination skills (despite the obvious stereotype).

Our team is stacking up volunteer hours and we have a full slate of activities planned for the next quarter – stay tuned to see what we are up to next!

Sara Sanders

Written by Sara Sanders