Volunteering at the Larimer County Food Bank always comes with a surprise – we never really know what food we will be handling until we arrive.  In the past, we’ve worked with onions, sweet potatoes, frozen chicken, and this time ….. eggs.

[Insert every egg-tastic, egg-ceptional, egg-aliciious pun here …. we came up with them all!]

What made this egg-sperience egg-specially fun (see how easy that was?) was to see our competitive nature in action.  The task?  Insert non-damaged eggs into new egg cartons and then stamp, label, and stack the cartons to ensure they are ready for sale. 

Here’s how it went down.

Team 1:  Kyle and Sara.  Two Type A personalities who read production management books in their spare time and completed at least one college-level operational efficiency course (so that must make them some-sort-of-knowledgeable).


Team 2:  Landon, Caleb, and Hunter.  Three highly-intelligent individuals who were likely the “cool” kids in school and now have much more exciting things to do than read operations management books.


Team 1 out-boxed Team 2 by at least six full crates in a two-hour time-period.  Team 1 may have sat at the nerd table in school, but when it came to boxing eggs for those who need it most, their nerd skills really paid off.

But really, who’s keeping score?  No matter our super power, every time we make the effort to help others, it’s a blessing to everyone involved.

Sara Sanders

Written by Sara Sanders