How can you drive key initiatives automatically using your performance data... without changing the way your business operates or throwing away the things that work today?

Blue Margin's business intelligence solutions help put critical signals and instrumentation in front of everyone in the business.

Select your industry below to find out how to get reliable reporting to optimize your strategy, processes, and people without creating another system to manage, risking poor ROI, wasting time and money, or being beholden to another software vendor.

BI Dashboards For Manufacturing, Field Service, and Healthcare

Find The Right Data Analytics Solutions For Your Industry

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Join top-performing manufacturers by utilizing your data to gain a competitive advantage, improve quality, and maximize profits.

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Field Service

Align executives, field supervisors, and technicians with a clear picture of organizational performance, industry-specific KPIs, and field-level insights.

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Combine your financial, operational, and clinical data to improve capacity planning, reduce unplanned readmissions, and optimize supply chain management.

Learn more about business intelligence for health.

Don't take Our Word For It
“We were a challenging client; limited data availability, changing priorities and a long wish list. The Blue Margin engineers were consummate professionals and met every challenge with a positive attitude and targeted advice on next steps. Their expertise in business intelligence and more specifically Power BI were evident throughout the project and they are to be commended on a job well done.”