Power BI 301: Increase Employee Productivity (from the CEO down) with The Dashboard Effect

Free On-Demand Webinar

In this session, you will:

  • Learn how to use Dashboards as your most effective communication tool for employees, clients, and partners.
  • Learn the fundamentals of Power BI's Content Packs and Groups for sharing dashboards, collaborating on data analysis, and managing access.
  • Learn how to set alerts that will ping you when key KPI's have been breached, and how to automatically receive a daily email digest of key dashboards.
  • Learn how to segregate data by user-group through row-level-security in Power BI.
  • Learn how to embed dashboards into your company portal and your custom apps.
  • Explore how Power BI can be used as a white-labeled, add-on reporting and dashboarding tool for almost any system.
  • Discover the power of dashboards on mobile devices.
  • Understand the revolution of "Power Apps" for collecting data.
  • Learn the value and basic how-to of data warehousing, the foundation for a business-class data platform for better scalability, security, performance, ease-of-access, ease-of-use, and governance.
  • Learn why adoption is essential for a successful data initiative.