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Are RCM complexities, disparate clinical and financial data, and a lack of healthcare-focused metrics standing between you and improved outcomes?

Blue Margin has a proven track record of helping organizations utilize their data to meet the unique challenges of the modern healthcare system.

Combine your financial, operational, and clinical data to:

  • Improve scheduling and capacity planning
  • Reduce unplanned readmissions
  • Improve RCM
  • Optimize supply chain management

Join top-performing healthcare organizations by utilizing your data to gain a competitive advantage, improve patient outcomes, and minimize costs. Start now.

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Azure SQL – Data Management Made Easy

It's Centralized

Data Management Platform and Data Architect

It's Centralized

Corralling your data into a single source of truth enables you to trust your data again.

It's on Azure

Azure SQL Consulting

It's on Azure

With your data infrastructure on the cloud, there's no need for massive investments and expertise.

It's Consistent

Azure SQL Consulting

It's Consistent

"Mashing-up" data creates chaos. A warehouse optimizes your data for easy reporting.

It's Foundational

HDInsight Consulting

It's Foundational

A data warehouse is the foundation that will flex and scale for world-class reporting.

Business Intelligence For Healthcare

Microsoft's Best-in-Class BI

To ensure healthcare data becomes a value-producing asset, Blue Margin utilizes Microsoft’s BI stack, including Power BI (which Gartner and Forrester have both recognized as best-in-class), as our business intelligence solution of choice.

Business Intelligence For Healthcare

Single Source of Truth

To drive operational excellence from the top, healthcare leaders need assurance everyone in the organization is aligned to the same data-driven goals and strategies. Blue Margin follows a comprehensive data validation plan to unite executives, providers, and staff through common data, known as a single source of truth.

Business Intelligence Dashboard Design, Business Intelligence Consulting

Dashboard Creation and Deployment

Creating high-impact, easy-to-adopt dashboards is equal parts art and science. It's what we do best.

Business Intelligence For Healthcare

Better Insight with KPIs

Make better decisions and improve outcomes with industry-standard, and organization-specific KPIs based on healthcare needs, including: staffing optimization, facility utilization, length of stay, readmissions, patient satisfaction, revenue cycle management, and most importantly, overall profitability.

HDInsight and Azure SQL Consultant

Support and Maintenance

We offer ad-hoc support via phone, email, and video conference. Quick questions, big problems, or mysteries solved - we'll keep you rolling.

Business Intelligence For Healthcare

Take Action in Real Time

Along with access to validated, actionable data, Blue Margin focuses on providing decision makers across the organization with near real-time information. In contrast to reactive management based on lagging indicators that can be days, weeks, or months behind, up-to-date insight enables problems to be proactively identified and solved.

Using Analytics to Optimize Length of Stay

What are the benefits of Length of Stay analysis?

Length of Stay (LOS) analysis provides central insight into the overall efficiency of healthcare organizations. Through LOS analysis, organizations optimize patient stays, creating a balance between high-quality care and financial outcomes. Benefits gained through optimized LOS include: reduction in healthcare acquired conditions, reduction in readmissions, increased patient satisfaction, improved resource utilization, and increased profitability.

What are the challenges of Length of Stay analysis?

To enable LOS analysis, decision makers across the organization require near real-time access to actionable, LOS-specific data.

How does Blue Margin solve these challenges?

Blue Margin solves the challenges of LOS analysis by providing LOS-optimized dashboards across the organization.

With modern dashboards, near real-time data is delivered across the organization in a consistent format, creating actionable insight through LOS-specific KPIs, and levels of detail, including: Daily Admissions and Discharges, Average Length of Stay, 30 Day Readmissions, and Case Mix Index by provider, facility, patient demographics, illness, and procedure.

Business Intelligence Services For Healthcare
Using Analytics to Improve Supply Chain Management

What is the financial impact of supply chain management, and how can it be improved?

Addressing the question of supply chain management's financial impact, Rob Austin of Navigant reports “Hospitals could safely reduce their supply expenses by an average of 17.7% or $11 million annually per hospital. This equates to an annual cumulative savings opportunity of $25.4 billion.”

Answering the corresponding question of how supply chain management can be improved, Jeff Lagasse, Associate Editor of Healthcare Finance, states “Data is king when it comes to saving money on hospital supplies. Whether it's small items such as surgical gloves or big-ticket prizes like top-of-the-line pacemakers, the key to unlocking savings is often hidden in the data.”

How does Blue Margin help healthcare organizations use their data to optimize their supply chain?

Blue Margin helps healthcare organizations optimize their supply chain and improve the bottom line by consolidating disparate data from multiple locations and platforms into an up-to-date, single source of truth. 

Blue Margin consolidates supply chain data from numerous sources into a single source of truth by utilizing an industry-leading approach to modern data warehouse design, and standardized data validation procedures. From this verified single source of truth, healthcare organizations gain the insight they need to optimize their supply chain by facility, distributor, and even physician preference items (PPIs). 

Power BI Dashboards For Healthcare
Using Analytics to Improve RCM

How can data improve Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)?

In a HFMA survey of 148 hospital and health system executives, directors, and specialists, respondents broadly acknowledged the value data in optimizing RCM, and also see analytics as an important investment, but also reported many limitations.

By utilizing Microsoft’s industry-leading BI stack, Blue Margin gives organizations an end-to-end business intelligence solution to overcome the following RCM points of constraint revealed in the survey:

Incomplete and inaccurate data - Standardized ETL and validation processes ensure data is complete and accurate.

Disparate data from numerous systems - Modern data warehouses ensure disparate data is combined into a unified, reporting-friendly format.

Limited access to data - Dashboards ensure near real-time data access across the organization through a single solution.

Reports are overly complex and not actionable - Focused KPIs and hierarchical levels of detail ensure all data is clearly presented, and fully actionable.


Healthcare Data Analytics
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"It's amazing how much these dashboards are being used. It's like we've invented fire! ” - Dan Prestegaard, CIO