Tim Kelley

Data Analytics Consultant

Tim Kelley


Tim Kelley was born and raised in fabulous Las Vegas, NV until moving to Fort Collins to join Blue Margin. After 15 years in sales management and corporate retail leadership roles, he pivoted into the tech sector graduating from Springboards Software Engineering program. Tim is an analytical problem solver and embraces the ABC mentality: “Always Be Curious.”  This approach helped him find success in sales and team development by understanding and telling stories through data to identify strengths, opportunities, and determine next steps. Joining Blue Margin was a natural fit, allowing Tim to use his existing skills while sharpening some new ones.


Shreddin' the Gnar:

Tim has spent most of his life in action sports, specifically board sports. At 35, he still jumps on a surf/skateboard wherever he can, but snowboarding is top priority. 

Tim and his wife have been home brewing for years and travel as often as possible. Their favorite pastimes include golfing, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, and camping.


Fun Fact:

At 22, Tim bought a Harley-Davidson. Mom was not happy. After a month of riding, he decided to dismantle it and rebuild it (with a little help) to learn how a motorcycle worked. Talk about being curious!


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