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The Dashboard Effect


Conversations on data analytics, business intelligence, and data driven practices for private equity and the midmarket


Hosted by Blue Margin CEO Brick Thompson

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Pilot Project

We start with a pilot project that puts production dashboards in your hands and delivers immediate ROI. We help you identify a high-impact, light-lift scope that demonstrates the value of data insights to key stakeholders and establishes best-practice for mobilizing your data.


Adoption & BI Integration

Building on the momentum of the Pilot, we design and execute a rapid rollout plan that gives everyone in the company a view into measurable progress against goals. We ensure adoption through hands-on training and support, and by ensuring every report supports and empowers defined users.


Ongoing Improvement

We help you achieve what few companies can, converting your data to a managed asset and ongoing strategic differentiator, all managed through BMI DataHub, a control panel that makes it easy to improve and extend your data strategy.

Data Roadmap



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