savanah fun pic

Savanah Ehlers

Administrative Assistant



A True Team Player

While there has been great variety in Savanah’s work (ranging from fitness to banking), the heart of what she loves doing is connecting with people. Being a part of a team where everyone is looking to better themselves has always appealed to Savanah. The priority of self-development is what drew her to Blue Margin.


Pro-level Thrifter

If she’s not out hiking, running, camping, or snowboarding- there’s a good chance Savanah is thrifting. The only thing better than finding a one-of-a-kind sweater or tchotchke, is realizing it’s only $1.00! Her favorite find has been a denim jacket with embroidered dogs on it.


Running to Blue Margin

Before she even applied to work at Blue Margin, Savanah participated in a Ragnar race with several of her future coworkers! She ran past a tarantula, heard coyotes howling as she ran through the desert at night, and slept a total of 6 hours in one weekend. It was so much fun, she had to see for herself what kind of professional adventures Blue Margin had to offer!

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