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Nate Mildeberger

Business Development Representative

Nate Mildeberger


Nate Mildeberger was born and raised in Seattle, WA and recently followed his fiancé to Fort Collins, where she's attending university. From his previous role in operations management for a national electrical distributor, Nate learned first-hand the value of data visibility for improving performance and reducing risk.  He is now an avid proponent of data-intelligence as an essential foundation for mid-market companies seeking to gain a competitive advantage in their sectors.  He's also an advocate (and veteran) for the power of data to make work more enjoyable!


Out in the World

Nate is a big traveler. He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, hiked to Everest Base Camp, and did the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. He's also looked out across the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans simultaneously from the top of Mt. Chirripo in Costa Rica and lived primitively for a month on an island in Cambodia.  Back at home, you’ll find him, his fiancé, and their dog, Ozzy, backcountry skiing, hiking, mountain biking, doing yoga, golfing, or enjoying the numerous breweries around Fort Collins.


Survival Story

While learning to scuba dive in Thailand at 20 years old, Nate contracted Dengue fever and was hospitalized for 12 days. In the hospital was a McDonalds he took full advantage of, simultaneously experiencing the comforts of home while learning the importance of a healthy diet in making a full recovery (or maybe it was the fact that he was 20). ;)


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