Marnissa Claflin

Data Engineer II

Marnissa Claflin


Marnissa Claflin has degrees in Mathematics, Architecture, and Urban Planning, along with a broad range of work experience in restaurants/bars, math tutoring, architecture, and even paratransit bus operations, where she was first introduced to data analytics and data warehousing. She loves digging into databases and exploring metrics to leverage new and better insights for the clients she serves.


Meant to be a (Data) Architect:

Early on, Marnissa latched on to the idea that she should be an architect. Her college tenure began in architecture, deviated, and returned, several times, but she’s spent the last 12 years stepping into the reality that she thinks in equations and thrives while working with numbers. Marnissa didn’t even know she wanted to be a data architect explicitly, but she found a great fit for her skills and interests on Blue Margin's Data Architecture team. She is (and was meant to be) an architect after all...just a different kind than she first envisioned.


Livin’ the Dream:

Marnissa played ice hockey in high school and college as a right wing, and she's looking forward to joining a team here in Fort Collins. Along with her love for the outdoors (hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, etc.), Marnissa’s current primary hobby is growing a houseplant jungle. She moved almost 50 plants across the country when she came to Colorado! 

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