Heena Duggal

Data Analytics Consultant

Heena Duggal 

The classic textbook image of electrons whirling around a nucleus left a strong impression in Heena’s mind from her early school days. She chose to major in Physics and received her bachelor’s and Master of Science degrees. Heena’s fascination with the atom eventually led to a PhD in Atomic Physics. As part of her research, she worked on managing and analyzing big data, creating visualizations, and publishing reports in reputed journals. The turning point in Heena’s career came when she moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in 2017. Working at the Borch Lab at CSU, Heena realized that she had a gift for Information Systems. After receiving her MCIS degree (yes, another degree!), Heena worked as an IT developer at Colorado State University before coming to Blue Margin where she found a home applying her data and visualization skills to business domains.


These are a few of her favorite things:

Heena can spend the whole night reading, without realizing morning has come. She loves cooking ("it uses all five senses all at once") especially with her husband. Also high on the list are dancing with her 2-year-old, swimming, hiking/yoga, gardening, and long drives. Heena also loves to interact with people and traditions from different cultures.


Fun with Science:

Heena enjoys creating fun, science-based activities with random stuff for her kiddo and community kids because "it's SO MUCH fun!"


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