Dillon Sullivan Blue Margin

Dillon Sullivan

Data Analytics Consultant II

Dillon Sullivan


Exploring Life's Tapestry

Hailing from the heart of Colorado, Dillon comes to Blue Margin with a data analytics and Power BI background. He was drawn in by the culture and the excitement of working with such an incredible team. Dillon wanted to expand what he was doing and take it to the "next level" working with a team that is on the cutting edge of data and BI.

Cinematic Connoisseur

As an avid movie buff, Dillon can often be found passionately dissecting every plot twist and character arc with his friends. When he's not lost in the world of cinema, he's grooving to his favorite tunes or hitting the gym to keep his energy levels up.

Rooted in Colorado, Ready for Adventure

Family and friends are Dillon's rock, and there's nothing he loves more than spending time with them against the picturesque backdrop of his home state. With his feet firmly planted in Colorado soil and his eyes eagerly scanning the horizon for the next big adventure, Dillon is ready to embrace whatever life throws his way.


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