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David Corrigall

Data Warehouse Developer

David Corrigall


David Corrigall comes to Blue Margin from the University of Wisconsin Madison (UW Madison), where he earned a degree in Economics and Mathematics, and has worked in the data analytics field for several years. At Blue Margin, David loves working in an industry where he can continually learn new skills and challenge himself to be creative in finding the most efficient solutions to problems.


Enjoying the Colorado Life:

Two years after graduating, David and his fiancé moved to Colorado (during the pandemic), and they have been enjoying their new life in our beautiful state. In his free time, David can be found either coaching basketball, hiking, going to a comedy club, or seeking out the best restaurants in the area. David has big plans on the horizon: buying his first home, getting married, continuing to coach competitively, and growing his career at Blue Margin. Even with the craziness of the pandemic, David is a consummate optimist.


Hiking his own way:

David completed no less than 25 hikes in 2021, all above 8,000 ft in elevation, and five above 12,000.

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