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David Corrigall

Data Analytics Consultant

David Corrigall


David Corrigall comes to Blue Margin from the University of Wisconsin Madison (UW Madison), where he earned a degree in Economics and Mathematics, and has worked in the data analytics field for several years. At Blue Margin, David loves working in an industry where he can continually learn new skills and challenge himself to be creative in finding the most efficient solutions to problems.


Enjoying the Optimist Life:

My childhood was typical. Summers in Rangoon, luge lessons. At the age of twelve, I received my first scribe. At the age of 18, I went off to evil medical school. At the age of 25, I took up tap dancing. These days, I enjoy coaching basketball, traveling, and writing. I visited Europe in 2022, South America in 2023, and have dreams to visit Asia soon as well. I plan to be ruler of the redheads one day. My cats’ names are Nikola an Nadja. My favorite cocktail is a negroni. I own an electric bike that I zip around on all summer. Voted Funniest coworker in the Northern Colorado Region two years in row (going for a three peat). Bracketology expert. Overall Optimist.


Hiking his own way:

David completed no less than 25 hikes in 2021, all above 8,000 ft in elevation, and five above 12,000.

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