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Cheryl Cherry

Senior Data Analytics Consultant

Cheryl Cherry


Cheryl Cherry earned a BS in Computer Information Systems from Indiana University and soon after joined the IT staff at Thomson Consumer Electronics. When Thomson expanded and rebranded as Technicolor, she moved up to work in Corporate Travel. In that role Cheryl got to tour the world while managing unique projects across diverse cultures. She joined Blue Margin in 2021, where her data management expertise is now put to use helping clients successfully become data-driven enterprises.

Watch Out for Murph! Cheryl and her family are avid campers—including their dog, Murph. One time Murph wiggled through a small zipper opening in the tent and visited neighboring campers in the wee hours of the morning. Fortunately, the neighbors didn’t mind (and the bears didn’t notice!). Next morning, Murph was waiting patiently outside the tent, ready to be welcomed back in.

Random Fact: Cheryl makes the best guacamole within a 35-mile radius of her home. The secret? “I use roasted chiles from the Larimer County Farmers’ Market.” Yum!


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