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Ben Fulton

Data Engineer II

Ben Fulton


See a need, fill a need!: As a graduate from The Turing School of Software and Design, Ben’s career took an interesting turn when he was recruited to fill an Online Teaching Assistant role to help his mother bridge the gap at a middle school she helped establish for multilingual at risk youth in Denver. Following that stint, Ben joined Blue Margin with an eagerness to apply his skills to data architecture.


Hot off the press: Transferring to a new university during the start of the pandemic tossed a lot of things up in the air. At the Turing School, Ben was quickly surrounded by amazing people and a difficult curriculum. Instilled and inspired with the drive to make a difference through technology, it’s only natural that Ben landed at Blue Margin!


Fun fact: An avid gamer and lover of horror movies, it is not uncommon to hear Ben laughing at most scenes that would terrify others!


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