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7 min read

M&A Science: Data’s Role in M&A Success

“Everybody talks about the art of M&A. And I get it, I'm not denying it…but I think our...

7 min read

Bridging Data & Leadership: Advice on Bold Execution for Midmarket CEOs

In this Expert Insights Series interview, Jon Thompson hosted Karen Posey, Founder of KP...

10 min read

Unlock Market Potential: B2B Mid-Market Growth Strategies with BlueByrd

In the face of economic headwinds, the complexities of mid-market growth have never been...

8 min read

How Data Insight Improves Performance for PE-Backed Healthcare [Interview]

In this Expert Insights Series interview, Blue Margin Director of Consulting, Kate Eberle,...

15 min read

Nestell & Associates: ERP Digital Transformation for Private Equity

As the enterprise resource planning (ERP) organizational change field advances, so does...

14 min read

How ParkerGale Supports Portfolio Growth with a Sales Metrics Playbook

In this Expert Insights Series episode, Blue Margin co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer...

14 min read

CIO Insights on Data Monetization, Data Lakes, and AI

In this podcast, Blue Margin co-founder and CEO Brick Thompson hosts CIO John Manzanares. ...

22 min read

Middle Market Methods: A Value Creation Roadmap™ for Private Equity

“The portfolio company’s leadership team must take ownership of its investment thesis and...

12 min read

BI Strategies for 2023: Insights from PE and Mid-Market Executives

What is your 2023 data strategy?

If the question leaves you feeling adrift, consider this...