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In the Age of AI, You Need a Data Lake in the First 100 Days

“I have a feeling we're going to see Microsoft, because of their partnership with OpenAI and...

2 min read

Mastering Inventory Velocity - Power BI Case Study

“Data and analytics should play a big part in monitoring your business supply chain...

7 min read

Operational Excellence for Manufacturing [KPI and Dashboard Examples]

"Despite generally high levels of economic confidence, U.S. middle market manufacturing...

10 min read

Brian T. O'Neill – Value Creation with BI Through Human Centered Design

“The gateway to achieving business value [with BI] is user adoption. You cannot circumvent...

9 min read

Data: A Powerful Change Agent, with Anthony Algmin

What’s the purpose of data collection?

According to Anthony Algmin, a luminary in the art of...

8 min read

Trace3's VP of IT: Accelerate Value Creation with a Company OKR Scorecard

“Data is the new economy.” -Tania DiCostanzo, VP of IT, Strategic Initiatives and Data...

4 min read

Standing Up an OKR Scorecard to Accelerate Value Creation [Case Study]

Download PDF version

“You can’t measure that which lacks a...

21 min read

How to Get the Right Data, to the Right People, at the Right Time

What do 1950’s IBM and present-day McDonald's have in common? 

They're both great examples...

15 min read

Forbes’ “Grandfather of Gamification”: Data Creates a Culture of Growth

Charles “Chuck” Coonradt is a consultant, CEO, and 5x best-selling author. His 1984 book The...

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