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15 min read

Pitfalls of Manual Excel Reporting

“Implementing business intelligence and automated reporting is the ultimate low-hanging...

23 min read

Using BI to Create Accountability and a Healthy Culture

“I've seen companies go from poor transparency and not very good accountability to a culture...

8 min read

Data and the Art of Exploiting Headwinds

"BI provides real-time visibility into current signals, so leaders can make proactive...

3 min read

Using BI to Adapt to Market Forces, Improve Utilization, and Increase Profitability

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The transformative effect of their...

21 min read

When to Use an External BI Consultant

While some companies choose to manage their data strategy and BI projects internally, many...

22 min read

Data Visibility and the PE-backed Executive

“When you don't have good instrumentation, you spend a lot of time worrying about what you...

5 min read

2 Essential Ingredients of Successful Data Projects

On The Dashboard Effect podcast, Brick Thompson, Blue Margin CEO, and Caleb Ochs, VP of...

11 min read

Andy Scott, CTO, on Data Transformation at Hydromax USA

In this installment of our Expert Insights Series, Jon Thompson hosts technology and...

10 min read

Succeed with BI: Manage Data Sources, Integration, and Redundancy

In our podcast episode, How to Succeed With BI: Types of Data Sources and Data Integration,...

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