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The Hidden Bazinga of Dirty Data

Article summary: What can you do when the hidden Bazinga of dirty data plays tricks on your company’s bottom line? More...

9 min read

3 Unexpected KPIs that Drive Manufacturing Success

Article summary: Looking for new ideas for tracking real progress at your company? Check out these three unexpected...

8 min read

Healthcare HQ™ Trendwatch [Doctor Demand, Telehealth, and Ransomware]

Article summary: Healthcare HQ™ Trendwatch spotlights trending developments in the medical industry and offers...

6 min read

Adam Coffey and The Private Equity Playbook [Cover Story]

Article summary: Adam Coffey, CEO of CoolSys, shares business intelligence secrets from his bestselling book, The...

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Data Wins Championships [The Mahomes Factor]

Article summary: Data helps your company compete to win. Those that understand how data wins championships (“The...

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Reaching New Business Heights with The Dashboard Effect

What is The Dashboard Effect?

In its purest form, The Dashboard Effect  is a company that defines its key performance...

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Our Hometown of Fort Collins: Beer, Bikes, Bands, and Adventures

Why is Blue Margin headquartered in Fort Collins instead of Denver (since one of our partners lives in the Denver area,...

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Our "Secret Sauce" for Creating Power BI Dashboards that GET ADOPTED

Fact:  The difference between dashboards that just "look good," and those that get adopted is subtle. 

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How Private Equity Firms Keep Data Chaos From Depleting Portco Value

Middle market private equity firms share a common denominator: their portfolio companies rely on a menagerie of...