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The Dashboard Effect

Blue Margin Insights on Leveraging Dashboards and Data Intelligence

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9 min read

Power ON: Scenario Planning and Write-Back in Power BI

“Data is the new oil. Like oil, data is valuable. But if it’s unrefined, it can’t be used.”

8 min read

Trace3's VP of IT: Accelerate Value Creation with a Company OKR Scorecard

“Data is the new economy.” -Tania DiCostanzo, VP of IT, Strategic Initiatives and Data...

23 min read

How to Fire Your BI Vendor

“If they want to be self-sufficient, we want to help them do that.” - Brick Thompson, CEO,...

4 min read

Standing Up an OKR Scorecard to Accelerate Value Creation [Case Study]

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“You can’t measure that which lacks a...

13 min read

Industrial Growth Partners: Leveraging Data Throughout the Investment Lifecycle

If you can create and develop those systems, which is difficult to do in a short time...

21 min read

How to Get the Right Data, to the Right People, at the Right Time

What do 1950’s IBM and present-day McDonald's have in common?

They're both great examples...

27 min read

What to Look for When Hiring a Power BI Consultant

“Our clients ask us to interview people when they're looking to bring the visualization...

15 min read

Forbes’ “Grandfather of Gamification”: Data Creates a Culture of Growth

Charles “Chuck” Coonradt is a consultant, CEO, and 5x best-selling author. His 1984 book The...

19 min read

BI for Law Firms: Tracking WIP, Client/Matter Performance, and DEI

"There are two key questions every firm that we've worked with has wanted to answer... The...