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The Dashboard Effect

Blue Margin Insights on Leveraging Dashboards and Data Intelligence

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6 min read

Data-Driven Change Management

Why is Data Driven Change Management Important?


If data science was a tool in a...

11 min read

Change Management and the Power of Data for Distributed Decision Making

“Despite the tools available, people still use their intuition to make people decisions....

26 min read

How to Build an Effective (Power BI) Dashboard

“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow...

3 min read

How to Become a Data-Driven Organization

"Right now, the biggest challenge for organizations working on their data strategy might...

56 min read

Tecum Capital: Using Data for Higher Returns in Manufacturing, Services, and Distribution

“If you don’t have any type of dashboarding or KPI system, it’s a major deduction on the...

15 min read

Pitfalls of Manual Excel Reporting

“Implementing business intelligence and automated reporting is the ultimate low-hanging...

23 min read

Using BI to Create Accountability and a Healthy Culture

“I've seen companies go from poor transparency and not very good accountability to a culture...

24 min read

Who is Your Data Mobilizer?

“I’m looking for a company’s ‘data mobilizer’...that individual with buy-in from the top,...

14 min read

Successful Dashboards: How Wireframing Saves Time and Delivers Results

With BI reporting, you will greatly reduce project time and increase impact by spending more...

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