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The Dashboard Effect


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4 min read

Power BI vs Excel

Article summary: Learn why Power BI, a cloud-based, centralized source for data insights, is...

10 min read

What Is Business Intelligence for Private Equity?

If you believe better data is one of the top drivers of growth, you're not alone.


7 min read

The Dashboard Effect: Data Transparency

It's Time for Private Equity to Join the (4th Industrial) Revolution! 

The business world is...

11 min read

6 Strategies for Using Data in Supply Chain Management

Article summary: Supply chains are constantly evolving. Here are 6 moves you should be...
5 min read

Private Equity Advantage: Data Intelligence Strategies You Can Steal

Article summary:  See why Private Equity succeeds—and how you can use that knowledge to your...

6 min read

How Can PE Firms Differentiate Through Digital Transformation?

Article summary: Learn the data optimization strategies PE firms can use to differentiate...

8 min read

3 Business Intelligence Trends Every Manufacturer Needs To Know

Article summary: Learn how to use data optimization strategies and business intelligence to a

6 min read

Why Data Initiatives Fail at Law Firms

Article summary:  Do you know why data initiatives fail at law firms—and what you can do...
6 min read

How Data Optimization Increases Distribution Performance

Apparently, we should blame Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen for the offense. 


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