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Insights to Your Inbox, Thanks to Power BI

By Jon Thompson on May 15, 2020 2:35:14 PM MDT

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As part of Power BI’s latest release, you can now subscribe to your most critical dashboards and receive a daily digest directly to your inbox.  Here’s how it works.  Once you subscribe to your dashboard, Power BI will email you the dashboard daily (when there’s a change in the data).  See a critical issue to address?  The email includes a button to jump to the live dashboard where you can drill down to the “Why” and “How” in a few clicks.

Power BI has big plans to augment this feature in the coming year, and we can’t wait.  For Blue Margin, it’s all about adoption.  If you can get people to look at their dashboards daily, it will transform your business, as it has ours.  We predict this automatic email digest will skyrocket dashboard adoption. Learn more here, and try it out for yourself.

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Jon Thompson

Written by Jon Thompson

Jon Thompson is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Blue Margin Inc. An author and speaker, Jon sheds light on how businesses can take advantage of a revolution in business intelligence to become data-driven and accelerate their success.