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6 min read

How Data Optimization Increases Distribution Performance

Apparently, we should blame Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen for the offense. 

A satirical novelist in 17th...

7 min read

3 Trends in Legal Data Intelligence

Here are three key trends we're watching in the legal industry and the data optimization strategies law firms can...

5 min read

How to Develop New Initiatives Free From Bias or Assumptions

The Dashboard Effect is a ground-breaking book about how companies are using data to move to the forefront of their...

9 min read

Yes, Healthcare Employees Keep Score

Article summary: Discover the benefits of data transparency in a healthcare provider workplace, because yes, healthcare...

3 min read

3 Ways to Automate Employee Motivation & Productivity with Dashboards

Your employees want (and need) to understand the rules of the game they’re playing. While it may seem like a daunting...

3 min read

The Dashboard Effect: How to Use a Scoreboard to Drive Success

If you’re still trying to inspire employees to reach their full potential through annual performance reviews and...

3 min read

Why You Should Take Advantage of Power BI for Your Commercial Services Company

Data is the driving force of the most progressive and successful companies and is more available than ever before, but...

9 min read

The Hidden Bazinga of Dirty Data

Article summary: What can you do when the hidden Bazinga of dirty data plays tricks on your company’s bottom line? More...

9 min read

3 Unexpected KPIs that Drive Manufacturing Success

Article summary: Looking for new ideas for tracking real progress at your company? Check out these three unexpected...