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The Dashboard Effect

Blue Margin Insights on Leveraging Dashboards and Data Intelligence

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7 min read

How Leading Manufacturers Use Data to Strengthen Customer Loyalty

In today’s market, competition is fierce and customer expectations are high. The ability to ...

7 min read

How Leading Manufacturers Use Data to Resolve Production Bottlenecks

Production process bottlenecks are costly and impede throughput, which is why manufacturers...

2 min read

From Data Chaos to Manufacturing Clarity

From Data Chaos to Clarity: Centralizing Decision-Making in a Manufacturing Conglomerate

2 min read

Private Equity Has Achieved Formula One Status, But Their Car Sucks.

Private equity is the undisputed Formula One of business models. It’s a high-octane race in...

3 min read

How Data Helps You Survive Private Equity's New Era

"Operational value creation levers—revenue growth and margin expansion—are poised to become...

7 min read

M&A Science: Data’s Role in M&A Success

“Everybody talks about the art of M&A. And I get it, I'm not denying it…but I think our...

10 min read

Managed Data Service: A Turnkey, Fractional Approach to Data Management

If you're trying to keep up with the complexities, advances, and more options than ever ...

7 min read

Bridging Data & Leadership: Advice on Bold Execution for Midmarket CEOs

In this Expert Insights Series interview, Jon Thompson hosted Karen Posey, Founder of KP...