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7 min read

The Dashboard Effect: Data Transparency

It's Time for Private Equity to Join the (4th Industrial) Revolution! 

The business world is experiencing a ...

11 min read

6 Strategies for Using Data in Supply Chain Management

Article summary: Supply chains are constantly evolving. Here are 6 moves you should be making now.


Canadians are...

5 min read

Private Equity Advantage: Data Intelligence Strategies You Can Steal

Article summary:  See why Private Equity succeeds—and how you can use that knowledge to your company’s advantage.


6 min read

How Can PE Firms Differentiate Through Digital Transformation?

Article summary: Learn the data optimization strategies PE firms can use to differentiate themselves through digital...

8 min read

3 Business Intelligence Trends Every Manufacturer Needs To Know

Article summary: Learn how to use data optimization strategies and business intelligence to address trends in the...

6 min read

Why Data Initiatives Fail at Law Firms

Article summary:  Do you know why data initiatives fail at law firms—and what you can do about it? Read on to find out. 
6 min read

How Data Optimization Increases Distribution Performance

Apparently, we should blame Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen for the offense. 

A satirical novelist in 17th...

7 min read

3 Trends in Legal Data Intelligence

Here are three key trends we're watching in the legal industry and the data optimization strategies law firms can...

5 min read

How to Develop New Initiatives Free From Bias or Assumptions

The Dashboard Effect is a ground-breaking book about how companies are using data to move to the forefront of their...