Someday starts now!

When it comes to volunteering our resources, it's too easy to find comfort in the word "someday."  "Someday I'll have more time ... someday I'll have more money ... someday I'll have more energy ... someday I'll (fill-in-the-blank)".  The problem is "someday" never comes.

Several of us decided that contribuiting to our community didn't have to hinge on someday.  If we elevated volunteering in our company culture, we could start impacting those in need now.

Blue Margin Community Works (BMCW) offers 2 hours of Paid Volunteer Leave (PVL) for every Blue Margin employee, every month.  It also rewards employees who complete 12 hours of community service in a 6-month period and 24 hours within a calendar year, by donating $100 for each milestone reached to the charity of the employee's choice.

BMCW has been a huge success and a blessing to our company.  Here are some of the cool places our team has had the privilege to volunteer this year:

Book Trust - Book Delivery

Larimer County Food Bank

Loveland Community Kitchen

Homeless Gear - Children in Need Event

"Thank you so much for your help with Thursday's set-up for Homeless Gear's Toast to Transitions Event.  You were all so helpful, incredibly patient, and so nice to work with.  I think I would have been there until midnight without your help!" - P. Brewer, Homeless Gear

"We truly value community volunteers in our small, non-profit company.  Volunteers help stretch our Program Directors' capabilities, especially when fresh faces arrive to infuse our elders with energy and enthusiasm!" - S. Cogswell, Elderhaus


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