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Real-Time Insights Drive Visibility in Telecom

By Nicole Annen on June 24, 2024 1:23:58 PM MDT

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"Data is the foundation for everything in business, and Blue Margin is one of the best partners we've worked with, in any capacity. They've been extremely skilled at understanding our business and delivering dashboards that drive better results." 

- CAO and Treasurer 

Manual Processes Hinder Real-Time Decision Making 

A telecom infrastructure engineering & construction firm faced challenges with manual data processes, requiring significant effort from the CEO and FP&A to download, manipulate, and report data using Excel. Retrospective project reporting resulted in costly stoppages and unbillable work. 

Implementing a Customized Power BI Solution 

Blue Margin's Power BI solution resulted in:

  • Significant increase in utilization rates
  • Notable decrease in unbillable work
  • Direct positive impact on the bottom line
  • Enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency in the field

By equipping field teams with customized Power BI dashboards, our partner gained access to in-depth insights, transforming their data management approach.

Telecommunications Power BI Best Practices Dashboard


Improved Visibility, Focus, and Customer Satisfaction 

The time savings achieved by automating reporting processes allowed their leadership to focus on high-value activities such as data analysis.

The customized dashboards enhanced focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as invoicing and revenue at risk, enabling the company to prioritize and address these critical areas effectively.


"Previously, we had a heavy manual effort to download data, manipulate it, and report via static charts, which we reviewed with the entire team. Now we push information to the field, where judgment calls are needed in real time. It’s a shift to our operating model that keeps us from losing project momentum and performing uncontracted work.”  

- CAO and Treasurer 


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Blue Margin partners with midmarket companies to drive enterprise value, by rapidly consolidating data and surfacing KPIs to support better decision-making and team alignment around the value creation plan.

Our Managed Data Service puts initiatives into action, providing our partners with real-time visibility into their data through Power BI dashboards, supported by a modern data platform in Azure.

We’ve led over 300 engagements with PE-backed companies, developing dashboards to increase data visibility and accountability to value creation.

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