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From Data Chaos to Manufacturing Clarity

By Nicole Annen on April 12, 2024 2:32:01 PM MDT

Topics: Manufacturing

From Data Chaos to Clarity: Centralizing Decision-Making in a Manufacturing Conglomerate

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A multi-faceted manufacturing conglomerate faced significant challenges in managing and leveraging its data effectively. With multiple ERPs across its business units (BUs), including infrastructure, packaging, flooring, electronics, and product assembly, the company lacked a single source of truth for data. An absence of data harmonization hindered performance visibility and decision-making. The company's lean IT team struggled to implement scalable data management solutions to drive performance across the organization.

The dashboard effect (4)


  • Multiple ERPs across business units

  • Lack of data consolidation and culture

  • Limited IT resources for scalable data management


  • Enterprise-grade Data Lake implementation

  • Focus on Sales reporting for Infrastructure BU


  • Actionable insights for Sales team

  • Robust sales-to-budget comparison reporting

  • Budget data integration

  • Report validation and refinement


  • Foundation for scalable data analytics

  • Improved data management, visualization, and accessibility

  • Optimized performance and growth potential

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