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From Data Chaos to Manufacturing Clarity

By Nicole Annen on April 12, 2024 2:32:01 PM MDT

Topics: Manufacturing

Centralizing Decision-Making in a Manufacturing 

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“We’ve been able to visualize the data effectively and the dashboards really tell us a cohesive story. Since deploying their platform, we’ve increased production at our largest plant by 30% and reduced turnover 50%. It’s been a gamechanger.



Challenges in Multi-Faceted Manufacturing Data Management

A leading manufacturing conglomerate, with business units spanning infrastructure, packaging, flooring, electronics, and product assembly, faced significant challenges in effectively managing and leveraging its data.

They struggled with:

  1.  Multiple ERPs across business units, leading to data silos
  2. Lack of data consolidation and a unified data culture
  3. Limited IT resources for implementing scalable data management solutions
  4. Absence of data harmonization, hindering performance visibility and decision-making

These challenges impacted the company's ability to drive performance and make data-driven decisions across the organization.

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Implementing a Customized Data Lake and Power BI Solution

Blue Margin proposed and implemented a comprehensive data management solution:

  1. Enterprise-grade Data Lake implementation to consolidate data from multiple sources
  2. Focused Power BI dashboard development for Sales reporting in the Infrastructure Business Unit
  3. Integration of budget data for enhanced financial analysis
  4. Customized Power BI services to address specific reporting needs
Blue Margin's Managed Data Services and Power BI dashboard development helped them established a foundation for scalable data analytics.


Improved Visibility, Insights, and Performance

This solution led to significant improvements:

  1. Actionable insights for the Sales team through customized Power BI dashboards
  2. Robust sales-to-budget comparison reporting, enabling better financial decision-making
  3. Seamless integration of budget data into the centralized data management system
  4. Iterative report validation and refinement process, ensuring accuracy and relevance


"With Blue Margin's Power BI solution, we've transformed our data from a challenge into a strategic asset. We now have real-time insights that drive our sales performance and overall business growth."

- VP of Sales


Access our live manufacturing dashboards so you can click around and find out.


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