Our Managed Data Service helps midmarket companies maximize valuation during the Acquisition., 1st 100 Days., Holding Period., Exit.

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Data Diligence / BI Audit

Position for Growth

We partner with private equity firms to provide an assessment and rubric for the time, cost, and resources needed to address data gaps and poise the acquisition target for maximum valuation at exit, with minimal disruption to stakeholders.

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Rapid Reporting

Address Urgent Needs in 2-3 Weeks

Start the 1st 100 Days by aligning the team around an OKR dashboard that operationalizes the value creation plan. Quickly automate Finance, Operations, and Sales dashboards to create a culture of accountability.
First 100 Days

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Comprehensive Development

Execute to Plan

Accelerate growth and increase margins throughout the holding period. A state-of-the-art BI system gives you oversight and control while monetizing your data as a managed asset and add-back investment.
Holding Period

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Data (Intelligence) Room

Maximize Return on Investment

At sale, a comprehensive dashboard system demonstrates mastery of the business and minimizes discounts caused by buyer uncertainty. Centralized dashboards also provide buyers a narrative for future growth.

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Advisory Services

Outpace Your Competitors

Our directors serve as virtual Chief Data Officers, aligning your master data strategy with your growth, governance, and security goals, while coordinating successful change management to a data-driven culture.

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Training and Support

Take Ownership of Your BI

While Blue Margin can serve as your virtual BI department, we'll also equip your team to take ownership with best-practice data engineering and visualization. You'll have access to our engineers for ongoing knowledge transfer and support.
Knowledge Transfer


Dashboards increase value and mitigate risk at every stage of the investment lifecycle, from diligence to liquidity


BI dashboards are the fastest, most effective way to put value creation plans into action. Poor visibility is at the root of most (if not all) business issues. Our process increases visibility to give executives oversight and control, and to align the organization on highest-value priorities.


Blue Margin helps mid-market companies quickly organize their data into dashboards, driving growth through job ownership and accountability. Our mission is to meet your needs and budget, and deliver breakthroughs early and often. 


We provide rapid reporting to address your urgent needs, BI diligence and audits to lay the groundwork for becoming data-enabled, comprehensive BI development to position for long-term value creation, as well as training, support, and advisory services


Our team of consultants are Microsoft Gold Partners at the forefront of data engineering and dashboard design on Power BI and Azure.

What was unique about having your team here, as opposed to other vendors, is that you gave us a sense you were actually part of our organization and helped to solve problems in the context of our business.

Bob Spielvogel | CIO, Education Development Center

We're a Microsoft Gold Partner


Power BI

Power BI is the most accessible BI tool on the market and is the industry leader according to Gartner. We'll help you get up and running fast.

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Good reports rely on a solid foundation. Azure is a leader in cloud data platforms and infrastructure. It's the clear choice to pair with Power BI. 

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