We build reporting solutions that help you solve problems


Our process has evolved over a decade working with PE firms and mid-market companies.

The goal isn't to create more reports (you probably have plenty). The goal is to make reports you want to use everyday because they make your job easier and your business more successful.

We're here to meet you where you're at. If you need rapid reporting, we'll start there. If you're looking for advice, let's talk it through. If you want a full scale enterprise data solution, we can't wait to build it. We scale our services depending on your need using Power BI and Azure.

Rapid Reporting

Have an urgent need?


For those needing to solve an immediate problem.

You have plenty of data, but it’s not helpful (yet).

The sooner you have reporting to untangle the issue, the sooner you can realize the value.


The Process: 2-3 weeks
  1. We workshop your problem to clarify your goals and obstacles. 
  2. We connect and model your data, and design a report to fix the problem. 
  3. Together, we review, refine, and deploy.

Comprehensive Development

Looking long-term?


For companies whose current BI system (or lack thereof) is frustrating progress.

Your data is complex, you have many disparate sources, you're acquiring companies, or all of the above.

You're ready for a scalable solution.


The Process: 8-12+ weeks

  1. We workshop your data/reporting setup against your goals.
  2. Give us two weeks to design a solution and plan of attack.
  3. We start with the highest ROI reports first.

BI Audit

Need to figure out what's wrong?


For companies sensing their BI systems are not up to standards, and that they’re falling behind.

Your current reporting setup is creating more frustration than impact.

You need the help of an experienced team to provide a clear path to dialing in your data and reporting.


The Process: 2 weeks
  1. We work with you to identify your bottlenecks.
  2. We audit your data and/or reporting.
  3. We walk you through our audit and offer advice for next steps.

Data Diligence

Buying a new portfolio company?


For PE firms who understand that mastering data is the key to creating value.

You need help assessing the “data gap” before acquisition.

You want to leverage diligence for the 100-day plan. 


The Process: 2 weeks
  1. We send you some pre-work (it's worth it, trust us)
  2. We conduct targeted meetings (2-4 hours) and discovery inside of a week.
  3. We walk you through our audit and benchmarks. You’ll walk away with a clear picture of the gap and investment required.

What was unique about having your team here, as opposed to other vendors, is that you gave us a sense you were actually part of our organization and helped to solve problems in the context of our business.

Bob Spielvogel | CIO, Education Development Center

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Power BI

Power BI is the most accessible BI tool on the market and is the industry leader according to Gartner. We'll help you get up and running fast.

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Good reports rely on a solid foundation. Azure is a leader in cloud data platforms and infrastructure. It's the clear choice to pair with Power BI. 

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