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Your Data Roadmap

What is a data roadmap?

A proven plan for becoming data-driven while producing ROI at every step.

The result is company-wide focus on your highest priorities.

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Pilot Project

We start with a pilot project that puts production dashboards in your hands and delivers immediate ROI. We help you identify a high-impact, light-lift scope that demonstrates the value of data insights to key stakeholders and establishes best-practice for mobilizing your data.


Adoption & BI Integration

Building on the momentum of the Pilot, we design and execute a rapid rollout plan that gives everyone in the company a view into measurable progress against goals. We ensure adoption through hands-on training and support, and by ensuring every report supports and empowers defined users.


Ongoing Improvement

We help you achieve what few companies can, converting your data to a managed asset and ongoing strategic differentiator, all managed through BMI DataHub, a control panel that makes it easy to improve and extend your data strategy.

Data Roadmap


The Blue Margin Difference

All Data companies are not created equal

Pilot Project

The first goal of your Data Roadmap is to demonstrate the "art of the possible" and capture immediate ROI to seed a successful data initiative. 

Our pilot projects deliver immediate value by:

  • Focusing the scope on measurable business outcomes
  • Empowering those responsible through persona-centric KPI reporting
  • Following the user's established narrative for analyzing and making decisions
  • Filtering and prioritizing by exception to identify the most critical points of action
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BMI DataHub™

When data initiatives fail, it's often because they're too complex, subject to entropy, or out of reach (except to those who built it).

BMI DataHub is a proprietary tool built by Blue Margin to rationalize your data by converting it to a managed asset. It gives you total visibility and control of your data ecosystem from a single screen, including your:

  • Master Data Roadmap
  • Data and Reporting Governance
  • Report Adoption Tracking
  • Documentation of your Data Warehouse and Reporting, updated dynamically as your system evolves

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Company Adoption

Once the power of data insights takes hold, you're off to the races. Deploying dashboards in short sprints across your teams quickly creates a data-driven culture and positions your company for increased growth and profitability.

By ensuring adoption through role-centric dashboards, training, and on-time support, a data-driven culture:

  • Aligns and prioritizes value-creation initiatives across departments
  • Automates accountability and job ownership
  • Establishes a single source of truth - all employees working from the same playbook
  • Allows transparency to mitigate politics and micromanagement

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Blue Margin is a full-service data consultant and partner. We can serve as your virtual data department, or train and support your resources for any area you want to manage in-house.

And we're committed to total transparency:

  • No vendor-lock
  • Transparent knowledge transfer
  • Client ownership of all data assets
  • Professional training (in-person or online) and expert support

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