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Providing real-time visual feedback to your organization not only increases job ownership, it alleviates politics, micro-management, and wavering accountability.

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Blue Margin puts your business outcomes at the center of everything we do.

Operational Efficiency

Blue Margin’s client-tested dashboards streamline complex operations, including labor forecasting, customer management, inventory optimization, and more. Our Industry HQ solutions give you actionable information in seconds, putting your entire business at your fingertips.

Smart Growth

Blue Margin shortens the process of integrating acquisitions and operating for growth. Our industry-leading, modern data warehousing eliminates the common headaches caused by isolated information and fragmented processes. Simply put: Smart data drives smart growth.

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Transparent Accountability 

Blue Margin’s role-centric dashboards elevate accountability—arguably the greatest catalyst for motivating behavior. Our dashboards are designed to follow a user's narrative from oversight, to strategy, to action. The result is a healthier culture and higher productivity, sustained through automated accountability toward a common goal.

Employee Engagement

Blue Margin’s data-adoption process helps your employees reach their full potential. They'll gain access to the same level of visibility, specific to their role, that your executives use to run the company. The result? Increased employee satisfaction, better retention rates, and higher worker engagement, reinforced daily through dashboards and automated emails.


"The tool you built differentiates us from our competitors. I would rate Blue Margin at a 10 out of 10 without reservation.  The knowledge of your people is impressive."
Cory Sokoloski
Founding Partner of TPG ( - Tarrant Capital IP, LLC)
"With Blue Margin's help, we can walk on the bridge and the gauges are turning on and coming to life.  All of these efforts help us navigate operations, finance, logistics, dispatch, service, billing, collections, and tens of thousands of service calls per year.  End-to-end and data is key to all of that working."
Michelle Nares
Director of Operations, CoolSys (
"It is because of all of your hard work over the last year that we have such a great DW and BI foundation in place to be able to accomplish a report like Service Orders so quickly.  Your talent extends well beyond data expertise and we are fortunate to have you lead our DW development efforts.”
Rachel Haistings
BI Lead, Smart Care Solutions (

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